Steve Bannon Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Family

Steve Bannon, a prominent American media executive, political strategist, and filmmaker, has made waves in both the political and entertainment worlds.

Known for his role as the chief strategist to former President Donald Trump, Bannon’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.

In this comprehensive biography, we will delve into the life and career of Steve Bannon, exploring his background, achievements, controversies, and personal aspects such as his age, wife, height, weight, children, father, and mother.

Steve Bannon’s Net Worth and Biography: What It Means in the World of Politics and Media

steve bannon networth

Name Steve Bannon
Net Worth $20 million
Date of Birth Nov 27, 1953 (69 years old)
Age 69 years old
Gender Male
Profession Media executive, political strategist, filmmaker
Spouse Multiple marriages (Cathleen Suzanne Houff, Mary Louise Piccard, Diane Clohesy)
Children Daughter (Maureen), Twin daughters (from second marriage)
Father Martin Bannon
Mother Doris Bannon
Height 1.81 m tall
Weight approximately 75 kg
Monthly Salary Specific data not available
Political Views Opposes immigration, denies climate change, supports populist authoritarian movements
Legal Issues Arrested in 2020 on charges of fraud and money laundering. Held in contempt of Congress in 2021.
Achievements Chief strategist to former President Donald Trump. Notable role in Breitbart News. Produced films such as “The Undefeated” and “Occupy Unmasked”.
Education Benedictine College Preparatory, Virginia Tech, Georgetown University (Master’s Degree in National Security Studies), Harvard Business School (MBA)

Early Life and Background:

  • Age: Born on November 27, 1953, Steve Bannon is currently 69 years old.
  • Family: Bannon was born in Norfolk, Virginia, to his parents Doris and Martin. He comes from an Irish and partial German descent background.
  • Education: After attending Benedictine College Preparatory, a Catholic military school, Bannon pursued higher education at Virginia Tech. He later obtained a master’s degree in national security studies from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Professional Career:

  • Investment Banking and Hollywood: Following his service in the US Navy, Bannon worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, specifically in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department. In 1987, he moved to Los Angeles to help expand the company’s presence in the entertainment industry. Bannon later co-founded his own boutique investment bank, Bannon & Co.
  • Filmmaking and Media Ventures: Bannon ventured into the media industry as an executive producer of various Hollywood films, including “The Indian Runner” and “Titus.” In 2012, he became the executive chair of Breitbart News, an extreme right-wing website, and played a pivotal role in its growth. Bannon also financed and produced films such as “The Undefeated” and “Occupy Unmasked.”

steve bannon and donald trrump

  • Political Involvement: Bannon’s political career gained significant traction when he joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 as the chief executive. After Trump’s election, Bannon served as his chief strategist and senior counselor in the White House, playing a crucial role in shaping policies and strategies.

Controversies and Legal Issues:

  • Arrest and Charges: In 2020, Bannon was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering. These charges were connected to his involvement with a charity called “We Build the Wall,” where it was alleged that funds were misused for personal expenses.
  • Contempt of Congress: Bannon faced further legal troubles when he was held in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena related to the investigation of the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. This defiance led to his referral to the Justice Department for potential prosecution.

Personal Life:

  • Marriages and Children: Steve Bannon has been married and divorced multiple times. His first marriage was to Cathleen Suzanne Houff, with whom he has a daughter named Maureen. Bannon then married Mary Louise Piccard and had twin daughters before their divorce. His third marriage was to Diane Clohesy, which ended in divorce as well.
  • Physical Attributes: While details about Steve Bannon’s height and weight are not widely available, it is worth noting that he has a distinctive appearance, often recognized by his bald head, mustache, and glasses.

Steve Bannon Net Worth

Steve Bannon, the American media executive, political consultant, screenwriter, film director, and film producer, has a net worth of $20 million.

Known for his role as the chief strategist to former President Donald Trump, Bannon’s financial standing has garnered attention. However, his journey to success has not been without controversy.

From his involvement with Breitbart News to his arrest on charges of fraud and money laundering, Bannon’s career has been marked by both achievements and legal troubles.

Steve Bannon’s net worth growth

Year Net Worth (Approximate)
2017 $1 million
2018 $10 million
2019 $10 million
2010 $10 million
2021 $15 million
2022 $27 million
2023 $20 million

Rumors and Facts about Steve Bannon:


  • White supremacist connections.
  • Involvement with Cambridge Analytica and misuse of personal data during the 2016 presidential election.
  • Politically motivated arrest in 2020.
  • Primarily derived wealth from the TV show “Seinfeld.”


  • Served as chief strategist to Donald Trump during the early months of his presidency.
  • Executive chairman of Breitbart News, a controversial far-right website.
  • Arrested in 2020 and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering related to the charity “We Build the Wall.”
  • Produced and financed several films, including “The Undefeated” and “Occupy Unmasked.”
  • Involved in political consulting and media ventures, advocating for populist and nationalist movements.

Conclusion on Steve Bannon Net Worth

Steve Bannon’s life has been marked by his multifaceted career in media, politics, and filmmaking.

From his early beginnings as an investment banker to his instrumental role in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and subsequent tenure in the White House, Bannon has made a significant impact.

However, his achievements have been accompanied by controversies and legal issues.

This comprehensive biography has explored not only Bannon’s professional journey but also aspects related to his age, family, and physical attributes, shedding light on the man behind the public persona.

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