Top 11 Psychedelic art artists who changed its history

The 1960s and 1970s saw the emergence of the psychedelic art movement, which was influenced by the counterculture and psychedelic experience of the era. The trend was distinguished by vivid, striking colours, elaborate patterns, and fantastical artwork. Rock band posters and album covers frequently used psychedelic artwork, as did underground newspapers and experimental movies.

Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, and Rick Gryphon are a few of the prominent artists connected to the psychedelic art movement.  These illustrators frequently received commissions from well-known performers like Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles to design album covers and posters.

The goal of psychedelic art was to reflect the psychedelic experience and the culture that surrounded it as well as to produce visually stunning visuals.  Eastern spirituality, surrealism, and the usage of mind-altering drugs like LSD all had an impact on the movement.

1. Alex Grey

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 29 November 1953 (age 68 years), Columbus, Ohio, United States

Full name: Alex Velzy

Education: Columbus College of Art & Design,

  • Alex Grey is an American artist, writer, instructor, and Vajrayana practitioner who is known for his paintings that are psychedelic and spiritual.
  • He has a wide range of work, such as process art, performance art and installation.
  • The couple and their wife, Allyson Grey, are founders and co-directors of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM).
  • His father was an artist and graphic designer.
  • Grey continued studying art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts in Boston in 1975.


2. Wes Wilson

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 15 July 1937, Sacramento, California, United States

Died: 24 January 2020, Leann, Missouri

Period: Psychedelic art

Education: San Francisco State University, Sacramento City College

Movies: The Greening of Whitney Brown

  • Robert Wesley Wilson was an American artist and one of the top creators of psychedelic posters.
  • In the past, he was credited with creating and popularizing the “psychedelic” font around 1966, which made the letters appear to be melting or moving.
  • The Art Nouveau movement greatly inspired his style.
  • His family was raised in the rural north of California by his mother.
  • He served in the military after he graduated from high school.


3. Alton Kelley

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 17 June 1940, Houlton, Maine, United States

Died: 1 June 2008, Petaluma, California, United States

Period: Psychedelic art

Known for: concert posters, logos, album covers, fine art

  • Alton Kelley is an American artist who was famous for his psychedelic artwork.


4. Marta Minujín

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 30 January 1943 (age 79 years), San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Children: Facundo Gómez Minujín, Gala Gómez Minujín

Spouse: Juan Carlos Gómez Sabaini (m. 1959)

Movies: Art Art Art: The Parthenon Of Forbbiden Books By Marta Minujín

Parents: León Minujín, Amanda Inés Fernández

  • Marta Minujin is an Argentine conceptual and performance artist from Argentina.
  • Marta Minujin was born in the San Telmo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.
  • Her father was a Jewish physician, and her mother was a domestic worker of Spanish descent.
  • She was awarded the first of several Konex Awards, the highest in the Argentine culture, in 1982.


5. Dan Lam

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 28 January 1988 (age 34 years), Morong, Philippines

Education: University of North Texas

  • Dan Lam is an American artist of Vietnamese heritage, most well-known for her “drippy” sculptures and the use of vivid hues.
  • Lam lives and is employed in Dallas.
  • Lam’s parents left Vietnam in 1986. They spent many years in Southeast Asia.


6. Scrojo

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 9 June 1967 (age 55 years), Oceanside, California, United States

Movement: Gig Posters, Movie Posters, Printmaking, Punk Rock, Psychedelic art

  • Scrojo is an American illustrator, artist, and poster artist from America. as well as a graphic artist.
  • He is most well-known for his work in the world of music and the surfing and skate scene.
  • He has designed more than 2,000 posters for music events and concerts. Occasions.


7. Charles Wish

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 18 March 1971 (age 51 years), Los Angeles, California, United States

Education: The University of Arizona

Charles Wish is an American artist from America.


8. Karl Ferris

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 1948 (age 74 years), Hastings, United Kingdom

  • Karl Ferris is an English music photographer/designer.
  • Karl Ferris was born in 1948 in Hastings, England, where he was raised.
  • He was a student at Hastings College of Art and concentrated on painting of the Pre-Raphaelite period.


9. Karina Eibatova

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 1988 (age 34 years), Saint Petersburg, Russia

Education: Tokyo Zokei University, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Gerlesborgsskolan

  • Karina Eibatova works as a watercolour artist, illustrator, and muralist.
  • Her art often depicts natural phenomena and objects.
  • Eibatova has created artwork for albums’ covers, layouts and album covers, exhibition spaces, magazines, and hotel murals.
  • Eibatova was born on the 28th of October, 1988, in Leningrad.
  • Eibatova’s art is primarily based on watercolour, pencil and Photoshop.


10. John Hurford

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 1948 (age 74 years), Chulmleigh, United Kingdom

Books: How Fire Came to Earth, Fire Wagons, Fredgehog

  • John Hurford is a prolific English artist of psychedelics.
  • His honorary membership of him is with South West Academy. South West Academy.
  • He began to work on the farm right away after graduating from school. He was able to continue drawing and painting.
  • He would paint in the evenings when he worked on the farm.
  • He has had a number of books published and has held numerous exhibitions in the local area as well as in New Zealand, France and London.


11. Ted Vasin

Psychedelic art artists

Born: 11 April 1966 (age 56 years), Moscow,

Period: Psychedelic art

  • Ted Vasin is an American artist who is a painter and audio.
  • His work focuses on the phenomena of the psycho spectrum and the possibilities for its growth and transfiguration.
  • He is located in San Francisco.

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