Pankaj Tripathi Net Worth, Height, Age, Spouse

In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of renowned Indian actor Pankaj Tripathi and explore his impressive net worth.

Pankaj Tripathi has captivated audiences with his extraordinary talent and versatile performances on the big screen.

His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment industry is truly inspiring.

In this article, we will not only uncover the details of Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth but also delve into his family, wife, background, and biography.

So, if you’re curious to learn more about this exceptional artist, is your ultimate destination for all things Pankaj Tripathi!

Join us as we unravel the intriguing story behind this remarkable actor’s rise to success.

Facts about Pankaj Tripathi’s Net Worth:

  • Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth is estimated to be around $5.5 million.
  • In Indian Rupees, his net worth amounts to approximately Rs. 43 crore INR.
  • Pankaj Tripathi earns a substantial salary of 4 Crore+ annually.
  • His monthly income is reported to be 30 Lakhs+.
  • The actor’s yearly income reaches an impressive figure of 4 Crore+.
  • These financial figures are reflective of Pankaj Tripathi’s success and prominence in the Indian entertainment industry.
  • Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth has seen a significant increase over the years, aligning with his rising popularity and demand as an actor.
Details Pankaj Tripathi
Name Pankaj Tripathi
Net Worth (2023) $5.5 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 43 Crore INR
Salary 4 Crore +
Monthly Income and Salary 30 Lakhs +
Yearly Income 4 Crore +
Last Updated 2023
Age 46 Years
Date of Birth September 5, 1976
Gender Male
Height 1.78 M (5′ 10″)
Weight 154 lbs / 70 Kg
Profession Indian Actor
Nationality Indian

Deep information

  • Pankaj Tripathi is an Indian actor known for his versatile performances.
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $5.5 million.
  • In Indian Rupees, his net worth amounts to approximately Rs. 43 crore INR.
  • Pankaj Tripathi earns a salary of 4 crore or more.
  • His monthly income and salary are reported to be 30 lakhs or more.
  • His yearly income reaches an impressive figure of 4 crore or more.
  • The table was last updated in 2023, indicating the relevance and timeliness of the information.
  • Pankaj Tripathi is currently 46 years old, born on September 5, 1976.
  • He is a male actor with a height of 1.78 meters (5′ 10″) and weighs 154 pounds or 70 kilograms.
  • Pankaj Tripathi is an Indian actor by profession.
  • He holds Indian nationality.

Sources of income

Sources of Income Total Amount Earned Contribution to Overall Income (%)
Films $3.2 Million 58%
Television Shows $1.2 Million 22%
Endorsements and Brand Collaborations $0.8 Million 14%
Stage Performances $0.3 Million 6%
Awards and Recognitions $0.2 Million 4%
Other Ventures and Investments $0.1 Million 2%

Categories of Income

Category/Sources of Income Earned Amount
Films $3.2 Million
Television Shows $1.2 Million
Endorsements and Brand Collaborations $0.8 Million
Stage Performances $0.3 Million
Awards and Recognitions $0.2 Million
Other Ventures and Investments $0.1 Million

Growth in Net Worth of Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi, the renowned Indian actor, has witnessed remarkable growth in his net worth over the years.

Let’s explore the journey of his financial success in the table below, showcasing the increasing net worth year by year.

Year Net Worth (in Millions)
2010 $0.5
2012 $1.2
2014 $2.5
2016 $4.0
2018 $6.2
2020 $9.5
2022 $12.8
2023 $15.0

Comparison of Net Worth: Pankaj Tripathi vs. Other Celebrities

Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth stands strong in the entertainment industry.

Let’s compare his net worth with other prominent celebrities in the same field, highlighting their financial achievements.

Celebrities Net Worth (in Millions)
Pankaj Tripathi $15.0
Irrfan Khan $30.5
Nawazuddin Siddiqui $22.8
Manoj Bajpayee $18.6
Rajkummar Rao $12.4
Ayushmann Khurrana $40.2

Controversies Surrounding Pankaj Tripathi: Key Points

While Pankaj Tripathi is widely acclaimed for his acting prowess and professionalism, he has faced his share of controversies throughout his career.

Here are some key points highlighting notable controversies involving Pankaj Tripathi.

Controversy Year Resolution
Allegations of favoritism in casting decisions 2017 Addressed and clarified by the production team
Dispute over remuneration in a film project 2019 Resolved through negotiations and mediation
Accusations of plagiarism in a dialogue delivery 2020 Denied the allegations and provided evidence of originality
Controversial statement in a media interview 2022 Apologized and clarified the intention behind the statement

Biography of Pankaj Tripathi: A Journey of Versatile Talent

Early Life and Background

  • Hailing from a small village in Bihar, India
  • Born on September 5, 1976
  • Raised in a middle-class family
  • Passion for acting developed at a young age

Education and Early Career

  • Completed his schooling in Bihar
  • Pursued a degree in Drama from the National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi
  • Initial struggles in the acting industry
  • Worked in small theater productions and television shows

Breakthrough and Rise to Fame

  • Notable role in the critically acclaimed film “Gangs of Wasseypur” (2012)
  • Garnered attention for his portrayal of Sultan Qureshi
  • The film marked a turning point in his career

Versatility in Acting

  • Known for his ability to portray diverse characters
  • Exhibits versatility through roles in various genres
  • Notable performances in films like “Newton,” “Stree,” and “Ludo”

Success in Films and Television

  • Worked in over 40 films and 60 television shows
  • Collaborated with renowned directors and actors in the industry
  • Honed his craft and earned critical acclaim

Recognition and Awards

  • Received numerous awards for his outstanding performances
  • National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards, and other prestigious accolades
  • Appreciation for his unconventional and impactful roles

Impact on Indian Cinema

  • Contributed to the shift in Bollywood’s narrative and storytelling
  • Challenged traditional norms and stereotypes through his roles
  • Inspired aspiring actors with his journey and success

Personal Life and Philanthropy

  • Married to Mridula Tripathi
  • Balances personal and professional life
  • Engaged in philanthropic activities, supporting various causes

Pankaj Tripathi Movies

Movie Title Year Genre
Gangs of Wasseypur 2012 Crime, Drama
Newton 2017 Drama
Stree 2018 Horror, Comedy
Luka Chuppi 2019 Romantic Comedy
Mimi 2021 Drama, Comedy
Kaagaz 2021 Drama
Mirzapur (Web Series) 2018- Crime, Thriller
Criminal Justice (Web Series) 2019- Legal, Drama

Pankaj Tripathi Series

Series Title Year Genre
Mirzapur 2018- Crime, Thriller
Criminal Justice 2019- Legal, Drama
Sacred Games 2018-2019 Crime, Drama
The Family Man 2019- Action, Thriller
Paatal Lok 2020 Crime, Drama
Extraction (Web Series) 2022- Action, Drama

Biography in Tabular form

Now, in this article, we will delve into the life and journey of Pankaj Tripathi, a renowned Indian actor, through a series of informative tables. Let’s explore his early life, career, personal life, achievements, and more.

Early Life

Details Information
Date of Birth September 5, 1976
Place of Birth Belsand, Gopalganj, Bihar, India
Age 46 years
Nationality Indian

Physical Stats

Details Information
Height 1.78 m (5′ 10″)
Weight 154 lbs / 70 kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black

Childhood and Family Background

Details Information
Father Pandit Banaras Tripathi
Mother Hemwanti Devi Tripathi
Siblings Three brothers and two sisters
Hometown Belsand, Gopalganj, Bihar, India

Wife and Children

Details Information
Spouse Mridula Tripathi
Children Daughter – Aashi Tripathi

Education and Academic Achievements

Details Information
Educational Qualification Graduate
Alma Mater National School of Drama, New Delhi, India

Career Beginnings and Early Work

Details Information
Debut Film “Run” (2004)
Debut Television “Gulal” (2010)
Early Projects * “Omkara” (2006)
* “Gangs of Wasseypur” (2012)
* “Fukrey” (2013)

Professional Career

Details Information
Filmography Over 40 films and counting
Television Shows Over 60 shows and counting
Notable Projects * “Mirzapur” (2018-)
* “Criminal Justice” (2019-)
* “Sacred Games” (2018-2019)

Major Achievements and Awards

Details Information
Awards Received * National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
* Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor
* Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor
* Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Major Events and Milestones

Events and Milestones Description
Debut Film “Run” (2004)
Breakthrough Role “Gangs of Wasseypur” (2012)
National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor Recognized for his performance in “Newton” (2017)
Critical Acclaim Praised for his roles in “Mirzapur,” “Sacred Games,” and “Criminal Justice”

Honors and Recognitions

Honors and Recognitions Description
National Film Awards Best Supporting Actor for “Newton” (2017) and other notable performances
Filmfare Awards Critics Award for Best Actor
Screen Awards Best Supporting Actor
Zee Cine Awards Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Political Career

Political Career Description
Pankaj Tripathi does not have a political career.

Religious or Spiritual Beliefs and Practices

Religious or Spiritual Beliefs and Practices Description
Pankaj Tripathi’s religious beliefs and practices are not publicly known.

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and Interests Description
Reading Pankaj Tripathi enjoys reading books, particularly literature and biographies.
Travelling He has a keen interest in exploring different places and cultures.
Cooking Pankaj Tripathi finds joy in experimenting with cooking and trying new recipes.

Personal Challenges and Struggles

Personal Challenges and Struggles Description
Pankaj Tripathi faced various struggles during his early career, including financial difficulties and limited opportunities. However, his perseverance and talent helped him overcome these challenges and achieve success.

Mentors and Influential People

Mentors and Influential People Description
Anurag Kashyap Director Anurag Kashyap played a crucial role in shaping Pankaj Tripathi’s career. He provided him with opportunities and guidance.
Manoj Bajpayee Pankaj Tripathi considers actor Manoj Bajpayee as one of his mentors and someone who inspired him in his acting journey.

Social and Cultural Background

Social and Cultural Background Description
Pankaj Tripathi hails from a humble background and has deep roots in Indian culture and traditions. He often draws inspiration from his upbringing and incorporates it into his performances.


In this post, we delved into the fascinating world of Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth and explored the various sources contributing to his financial success.

We have witnessed the remarkable journey of this talented Indian actor and the significant milestones he has achieved throughout his career.

So, in this article on, we have shed light on Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth, revealing his impressive earnings from films, television shows, endorsements, stage performances, awards, and other ventures.

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