Top 25 Impressionism artists who changed its history

The art movement known as Impressionism got its start in France in the late 19th century. Aiming to capture the fleeting impressions of a moment, Impressionism artists were renowned for their inventive use of colour, light, and brushwork techniques.

The most well-known Impressionism painters include Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Claude Monet. These painters shared the aim to abandon the conventional academic style of painting and produce more impulsive and emotive works.

The use of vivid, strong colours, frequently applied in brief, choppy brushstrokes, is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Impressionist art. Their paintings now have a sense of motion and energy, as though the scenes were caught in a fleeting moment.

1. Claude Monet

Impressionism artists

Born: 14 November 1840, Rue Laffitte, Paris, France

Died: 5 December 1926, Giverny, France

Periods: Impressionism, Modern art

  • Oscar-Claude is a French painter who was also the founder of impressionist painting.
  • Throughout his long and varied time in the art world, his work was among the most consistent and prolific adherent of Impressionism’s concept of expressing the nature of one’s thoughts, particularly in the context of painting Plein air (outdoor) painting of landscapes.
  • He was extremely in love with his mother. However, she died in the month of January 1857 when he turned sixteen years old. He was placed in the care of his widowed, childless, wealthy aunt Marie-Jeanne Lecadre.
  • His early work includes landscapes, seascapes, and portraits. However, they attracted only a little attention.


2. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Impressionism artists

Born: 25 February 1841, Limoges, France

Died: 3 December 1919, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

Spouse: Aline Charigot (m. 1890–1915)

Children: Jean Renoir, Jeanne Tréhot, Lucienne Bisson, Pierre Renoir, Claude Renoir

  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French artist who was a renowned painter during the evolution of the Impressionist style.
  • A lover of beauty and particularly feminine sexuality. It is believed that “Renoir is the last symbol of a tradition that begins directly from Rubens through Watteau.
  • The actor’s father was Pierre Renoir (1885-1952), film director Jean Renoir (1894-1979), and ceramic artist Claude Renoir (1901-1969).
  • He was the grandpa of film director Claude Renoir (1913-1993) and his son Pierre.


3. Edouard Manet

Impressionism artists

Born: 23 January 1832, Paris, France

Died: 30 April 1883, Paris, France

Periods: Impressionism, Realism, Modern art, Modernism

Spouse: Suzanne Manet (m. 1863–1883)

Children: Léon Leenhoff

  • Edouard Manet was a French modernist artist.
  • He was among the first artists in the 19th century to depict modern-day life and a significant character during the shift from Realism to Impressionism.
  • Manet was born into a family of the upper class with solid connections to the political world, and Manet turned down the navy career initially planned for Manet.
  • The final twenty years of Manet’s existence were when he developed connections with the great artists of the day.
  • He created his minimalist and straightforward style, which would be seen as unique and act as an important influence on the next generation of artists.


4. Edgar Degas

Impressionism artists

Born: 19 July 1834, Paris, France

Died: 27 September 1917, Paris, France

Full name: Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas

  • Edgar Degas was a French Impressionist artist renowned for his pastel sketches and oil paintings.
  • Degas also made prints, bronze sculptures, and drawings.
  • Degas is thought to be one of the pioneers of Impressionism.
  • Degas was a master draftsman, exceptionally skilled in capturing motion, as observed in his renderings of dancers, bathing women and naked.
  • His paintings are notable for their psychological depth and depiction of human isolation.


5. Paul Cézanne

Impressionism artists

Born: 19 January 1839, Aix-en-Provence, France

Died: 22 October 1906, Aix-en-Provence, France

Periods: Impressionism, Cubism, Post-Impressionism, Modern art

Influenced by: Édouard Manet, Camille Pissarro, Gustave Courbet, Eugène Delacroix, Nicolas Poussin, Charles-François Daubigny

Spouse: Marie-Hortense Fiquet (m. 1886)

Children: Paul Cézanne Jr

  • Paul Cezanne was a French artist as well as a Post-Impressionist painter.
  • Cezanne is believed to have created the bridge that linked late 19th century Impressionism and the beginning of the 20th century’s newest direction of artistic inquiry, Cubism.
  • He abandoned the concept of perspective and departed from the standard guidelines for Academic Art, and strived for the revival of traditional design practices that were based on impressionistic color.
  • His work provoked confusion and ridicule from critics of contemporary art.


6. Henri Matisse

Impressionism artists

Born: 31 December 1869, Le Cateau-Cambrésis, France

Died: 3 November 1954, Nice, France

Periods: Fauvism, Impressionism, Modern art, Post-Impressionism, Modernism, Neo-Impressionism

Full name: Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse

  • Henri Matisse was a French visual artist renowned for his use of color as well as his original and fluid sketching.
  • The artist was also a sketcher artist, and printmaker; however, he is best known for his work as a painter.
  • Matisse is often considered as well as Pablo Picasso as one of the artists who contributed to the development of revolutionary changes within the field of visual art during the first decade of the 20th century.
  • The year was 1887. He traveled in 1887 to Paris for a law degree. He was serving as an administrator for the court.


7. Camille Pissarro

Impressionism artists

Born: 10 July 1830, Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

Died: 13 November 1903, Paris, France

Children: Lucien Pissarro, Georges Henri Manzana Pissarro

Spouse: Julie Vellay (m. 1871–1903)

Periods: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism

Parents: Rachel Petit Pissarro, Frederick Pissarro

  • Camille Pissarro was a Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter.
  • He continued to study and work with Georges Seurat and Paul Signac as he adopted the Neo-Impressionist style at age 54.
  • In 1873, he established the collective society of fifteen artist-aspiring students and became the “pivotal” person who held the group together and encouraged others to join.
  • Pissarro is the sole artist who presented his work in every one of the 8 Paris Impressionist exhibitions from 1874 until 1886.


8. Mary Cassatt

Impressionism artists

Born: 22 May 1844, Allegheny

Died: 14 June 1926, Château de Beaufresne, Le Mesnil-Théribus, France

Periods: Impressionism, Modern art, American Impressionism

Siblings: Alexander Cassatt, Lydia Cassatt, Robbie Cassatt

  • Mary Cassatt was an American artist and printmaker.
  • Cassatt often painted images depicting women’s private and social lives, paying particular attention to the close bonds that mothers share with their children and their children.
  • In 1879 Diego Martelli compared her with Degas in the sense that both artists sought to express light, movement, and form in a modern way.
  • Cassatt is a native of Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, now part of Pittsburgh.
  • The girl was raised in an upper-middle-class family. Her mother’s father, Robert Simpson Cassat (later Cassatt), became a respected stockbroker and land speculation.


9. Berthe Morisot

Impressionism artists

Born: 14 January 1841, Bourges, France

Died: 2 March 1895, Paris, France

Period: Impressionism

Spouse: Eugène Manet (m. 1874–1892)

Children: Julie Manet

  • Berthe Morisot was a French painter who was a part of the group of artists in Paris that became known by the name Impressionists.
  • The year was 1864. Morisot presented for the first time at the prestigious Salon de Paris.
  • It was a government-sponsored event and evaluated by Academicians. The Salon was an official annual show by the Academie des beaux-arts in Paris.
  • Her work was chosen to be exhibited in six more Salons.
  • Morisot got married to Eugene Manet, the brother of her colleague and friend Edouard Manet.


10. Alfred Sisley

Impressionism artists

Born: 30 October 1839, Paris, France

Died: 29 January 1899t-sur-Loingt-Loing-et-Orvanne, France

Period: Impressionism

  • Alfred Sisley was an Impressionist landscape artist born in France and spent the bulk of his time in France.
  • The artist was among the longest-running Impressionists when it came to painting landscapes.
  • The most notable artworks that depict the Seine and the bridges it crosses in the suburbs that used to be part of Paris are similar to many of his landscapes. They are characterized by peace.
  • Sisley was born in Paris to wealthy British parents.
  • In 1857 at 18, Alfred Sisley was sent to London to pursue a career in the field of business. However, he resigned after four years and went back home to Paris at the age of 18 in 1861.


11. Max Liebermann

Impressionism artists

Born: 20 July 1847, Berlin, Germany

Died: 8 February 1935, Berlin, Germany

Spouse: Martha Liebermann (m. 1884–1935)

Parents: Louis Liebermann, Philippine Liebermann

Place of burial: Jüdischer Friedhof, Berlin, Germany

Movement: Berlin Secession

  • Max Liebermann was a German artist and printmaker. He was one of the most prominent supporters of Impressionism in Germany and throughout continental Europe.
  • In addition to his role in the field of art, he put together an impressive assortment of French Impressionist works.
  • The son of a Jewish banker, the banker, studied the art of Weimar, Paris, and the Netherlands.
  • After working and living for an extended period in Munich, he moved back to Berlin in 1884. There, his home remained for the rest of his existence.
  • Liebermann was recognized to celebrate his 50th birthday by having an exhibit of his work on display at his home at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin. The following year, he was elected as a member of the Academy.


12. Auguste Rodin

Impressionism artists

Born: 12 November 1840, Paris, France

Died: 17 November 1917, Meudon, France

Spouse: Rose Beuret (m. 1917–1917)

Full name: François-Auguste-René Rodin

Place of burial: Rodin Museum Meudon, Meudon, France

Children: Auguste-Eugène Beuret

  • Auguste Rodin was a French artist widely regarded as the creator of modern sculpture.
  • He was educated traditionally and took a craftsman’s style of work.
  • Some of Rodin’s most famous sculptures were ridiculed because they opposed the dominant traditional figurative art styles, where the works were either formulaic, decorative, or heavily thematic.
  • The most innovative work of Rodin deviated from the traditional mythological themes and allegories.
  • He modeled the human body in a naturalistic style, and his sculptures are a celebration of individuality and physicality.


13. Piet Mondrian

Impressionism artists

Born: 7 March 1872, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Died: 1 February 1944, New York, New York, United States

  • Pieter Mondriaan was a Dutch artist and theoretician of art who is considered to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.
  • He was regarded as one of the early pioneers of abstract art in the 20th century.
  • Mondrian’s art was highly optimistic and focused on an attempt to find universal aesthetics and values.
  • The abstract world of art surrounds us. Art should transcend reality, or else it is useless to man.


14. Joaquín Sorolla

Impressionism artists

Born: 27 February 1863, Valencia, Spain

Died: 10 August 1923, Cercedilla, Spain

Periods: Impressionism, Luminism

Spouse: Clotilde García del Castillo (m. 1888–1923)

Children: María Sorolla García, Elena Sorolla, Joaquín Sorolla García

  • Joaquin Sorolla was a Spanish Valencian painter from Valencia.
  • Sorolla was an outstanding artist creating landscapes, portraits, and monumental paintings of historical and social subjects.
  • His most well-known works of his are distinguished by his dexterous depiction of the landscape and people under the bright sun of Spain and the sun-lit waters.
  • Concha and his sister were also born within a year.
  • In August 1865, both children became orphans after their parents passed away perhaps due to cholera.


15. Edward Hopper

Impressionism artists

Born: 22 July 1882, Upper Nyack, New York, United States

Died: 15 May 1967, Washington Square North, New York, United States

Periods: Realism, Modern art, Impressionism, Ashcan School

Influenced by: Robert Henri, Honoré Daumier, Gustave Courbet, Paul Strand

Spouse: Josephine Hopper (m. 1924–1967)

  • Edward Hopper was an American realist painter and printmaker.
  • His career was greatly enriched by his marriage to fellow artist Josephine Nivison. She contributed significantly to his work in her role as a life model and a creative companion.
  • Hopper created subdued dramas from everyday subjects saturated with the poetic meaning’.
  • He was praised for his ‘complete truth in America in which he was portrayed.
  • Hopper was born in 1882 at Nyack, New York, an area for yacht building along the Hudson River north of New York City.


16. Gustave Caillebotte

Impressionism artists

Born: 19 August 1848, Paris, France

Died: 21 February 1894, Gennevilliers, France

Periods: Impressionism, Realism

Place of burial: Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

Parents: Céleste Daufresne, Martial Caillebotte

Siblings: Martial Caillebotte, Alfred Caillebotte, René Caillebotte

  • Gustave Caillebotte was a French artist who was a patron and member of the Impressionists.
  • Caillebotte was famous for his early fascination with photographic art as a form of art.
  • Gustave Caillebotte was born on August 19, 1848, to an upper-class Parisian family living in the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis.
  • Caillebotte obtained a Law degree in 1868 and authorization to practice law by 1870. the engineer was also a part of his work.
  • Following during the conflict, Caillebotte started going to the home studios of artist Leon Bonnat, where he began to learn about painting.


17. John Singer Sargent

Impressionism artists

Born: 12 January 1856, Florence, Italy

Died: April 1925, London, United Kingdom

Periods: Impressionism, American Renaissance

Influenced by: James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Diego Velázquez, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Léon Bonnat

Parents: FitzWilliam Sargent, Mary Sargent

  • John Singer Sargent was an American expatriate artist. He was regarded as the “leading portrait artist of his generation” for his depictions of the elegance of the Edwardian period.
  • In Florence in the United States to American parents. He was educated in Paris before moving to London, where he spent most of his time in Europe.
  • He received international recognition for his work as a portrait artist.
  • After his return to Paris after he departed from Florence, Sargent started his studies in art with young French portrait artist Carolus-Duran.


18. Lesser Ury

Impressionism artists

Born: 7 November 1861, Międzychód, Poland

Died: 18 October 1931, Berlin, Germany

Nationality: German

Education: Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

  • Leo Lesser Ury was a German Impressionist artist and printmaker who was part of the Dusseldorf school of painting.
  • Ury was born in Birnbaum in Prussia, The son of a baker. He died in 1872. This was the time of his family’s move to Berlin.
  • In 1878, Lesser left school 1878 to become an apprentice to a tradesman. The following year he traveled to Dusseldorf to learn art in the Kunstakademie.


19. Eliseu Visconti

Impressionism artists

Born: 30 July 1866, Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy

Died: 15 October 1944, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Eliseu Visconti was an Italian-born Brazilian cartoonist, painter, and teacher.
  • He is thought to be one of the few impressionist artists from Brazil.
  • He is believed to be the originator in the development of art nouveau style in Brazil.
  • He traveled again to Europe in 1905, where he was displayed in the Paris Salon in 1905.
  • He took the job the following year after returning to Brazil and taught until 1913.


20. Konstantin Korovin

Impressionism artists

Born: 5 December 1861, Moscow, Russia

Died: 11 September 1939, Paris, France

On view: The State Tretyakov Gallery

Education: Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

Parents: Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin, Apolynariya Korovina

  • Konstantin Korovin was a leading Russian Impressionist painter.
  • Konstantin is a prosperous merchant family member from the Old Believers, and his mother was a nobility.
  • The older Konstantin’s sister Sergei Korovin was a notable realist artist.
  • In 1888, Korovin was a part of Mamontov in 1888 to Italy and Spain in which he painted the painting on the Balcony, Spanish Women Leonora and Ampara.
  • In the 1890s, Korovin joined Korovin’s Mir iskusstva artist group.


21. Lucien Pissarro

Impressionism artists

Born: 20 February 1863, Paris, France

Died: 10 July 1944, Thorncombe, United Kingdom

Artworks: April, Epping, Ivy Cottage, Coldharbour: Sun and Snow

Children: Orovida Camille Pissarro

Spouse: Esther Pissarro (m. 1892)

  • Lucien Pissarro was a landscape painter, printmaker, wood engraver, printer, designer, and creator of exquisite books.
  • His landscape paintings use techniques from Impressionism along with Neo-Impressionism.
  • Until 1890, he worked 1890 in France 1890 and then was stationed in Britain.
  • Pissarro was born on February 20, 1863, in Paris.
  • He was the eldest of seven children, and his father was Impressionist painting artist Camille Pissarro and his wife, Julie.


22. Raoul Dufy

Impressionism artists

Born: 3 June 1877, Le Havre, France

Died: 23 March 1953, Forcalquier, France

Periods: Fauvism, Impressionism, Cubism, Modernism

Spouse: Eugénie-Émilienne Brisson (m. 1911–1953)

Place of burial: Cimiez Monastery, Nice, France

  • Raoul Dufy was a French Fauvist painter.
  • He came up with a lively and decorative style that was popular in textiles and ceramics and designs for public structures.
  • He is famous for his open-air social gatherings.
  • Dufy was born to a large extended family in Le Havre, Normandy.
  • He was an older sister, Jean Dufy, who was also an artist.


23. Frédéric Bazille

Impressionism artists

Born: 6 December 1841, Montpellier, France

Died: 28 November 1870, Beaune-la-Rolande, France

Parents: Gaston Bazille

  • Frederic Bazille was a French Impressionist painter.
  • However, the family was willing to allow him to study painting only if he was also studying medicine.
  • Bazille began his medical studies in 1859. He relocated to Paris in 1862 to pursue his studies.
  • His closest friends were Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, and Edouard Manet.


24. Childe Hassam

Impressionism artists

Born: 17 October 1859, Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Died: 27 August 1935, East Hampton, New York, United States

Education: Académie Julian, Cowles Art School, Lowell Institute, Dorchester High School

Parents: Frederick Fitch Hassam, Rosa Delia Hathorne

  • Childe Hassam was an American Impressionist painter noted for his coastal and urban scenes.
  • He was the son of Frederick Fitch Hassam (1825-1880), a businessman who was moderately successful in cutlery with a vast collection of antiques and art.
  • He was a descendant of an extensive line of New Englanders.
  • Hassam displayed his interest in painting in the early days.
  • As a kid, Hassam excelled at boxing and swimming at Dorchester High School.


25. Valentin Serov

Impressionism artists

Born: 19 January 1865, Saint Petersburg,

Died: 5 December 1911, Moscow, Russia

Periods: Impressionism, Art Nouveau

Place of burial: Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow,

Children: Mikhail Serov, Olga
Serova, Natalia Serova, Yura Serov, Anton Serov

  • Valentin Serov was a Russian artist and among his time’s most renowned painting artists.
  • Serov was born in Saint Petersburg, the son of the Russian composer and music critic Alexander Serov and his wife and former student Valentina Serova. She is also a composer of her own.
  • In these works, Serov focused on the spontaneity of perceiving the models and nature.
  • From 1890, the portrait became the primary genre in Serov’s work.

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