Bhuvan Bam Net Worth, Age, Wife, Height

In this blog post, we’ll look at Bhuvan Bam’s net worth, one of India’s most popular YouTubers and comedians.

Bhuvan has gained a big following on YouTube because to his humorous sketches and music videos.

In this post, we’ll not only look at his net worth, but also his family history, biography, and personal life, including his wife.

At, we’re happy to provide you all the juicy information of Bhuvan Bam’s life, so let’s get started!

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: A Look at the Life and Earnings

bhuvan bam netwrth

Bhuvan Bam, a Delhi-based Indian comedian, writer, singer, actor, musician, and YouTube personality, is one of the country’s most successful YouTubers.

With his humorous sketches, music videos, and vlogs, he has gained a tremendous following and has become a household figure in India.

Many people are wondering about Bhuvan Bam’s net worth, which is an estimate of his entire assets and earnings, given his expanding fame.

In this post, we’ll look at Bhuvan Bam’s net worth, income sources, and some intriguing facts regarding his riches.

Facts About Bhuvan Bam Net Worth

  • Bhuvan Bam’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million (approximately Rs. 110 crore).
  • He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in India, with earnings of around Rs. 3-4 crore per month.
  • Bhuvan Bam has multiple sources of income, including brand endorsements, music videos, live performances, merchandise sales, and more.
  • He has collaborated with several top brands, including OnePlus, Lenskart, and Beardo, among others.
  • Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, has over 20 million subscribers and is one of the most popular channels in India.
  • He has won several awards for his work, including the WebTV Asia Awards, MTV Fandom Awards, and the Global Entertainer of the Year Award.

Table 1: Sources of Income and Contribution to Overall Income

Sources of Income Total Amount Earned Contribution to Overall Income
Brand Endorsements Rs. 50 crore 45%
Music Videos Rs. 30 crore 27%
Live Performances Rs. 20 crore 18%
Merchandise Sales Rs. 10 crore 9%

As you can see from the table above, Bhuvan Bam’s primary sources of income are brand endorsements, music videos, live performances, and merchandise sales.

Brand endorsements are his most significant source of income, contributing 45% to his overall earnings.

He has collaborated with several brands, including Lenskart, OnePlus, and Beardo, and has even launched his own merchandise line, which has been a massive success.

Music videos are his second most significant source of income, contributing 27% to his earnings. Bhuvan Bam is not just a comedian, but also a talented singer and songwriter.

He has released several music videos, including “Safar,” “Bas Mein,” and “Ajnabee,” which have been well received by his fans.

Live performances are also an essential source of income for Bhuvan Bam, contributing 18% to his earnings. He has performed live at several events, including YouTube FanFest and TEDx, among others.

Merchandise sales are his least significant source of income, contributing 9% to his earnings. However, his merchandise line has been a huge success, with fans lining up to buy his t-shirts, hoodies, and other items.

Table 2: Category or Sources of Income

Category or Sources of Income Amount (in millions)
Brand Endorsements Rs. 500
Music Videos Rs. 300
Live Performances Rs. 200

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Growth in Net Worth of Bhuvan Bam Before 2021

Bhuvan Bam is one of the most popular Indian YouTube personalities, known for his comedy sketches and music videos.

His net worth has increased significantly over the years, thanks to his various sources of income. Here’s a table that shows his net worth growth year by year before 2021:

Year Net Worth (in millions)
2015 0.5
2016 1.5
2017 5
2018 10
2019 15
2020 20

Comparison of Net Worth of Bhuvan Bam with Other Celebrities in the Same Field

Bhuvan Bam is not the only Indian YouTube personality who has achieved massive success and wealth.

Here’s a table that compares his net worth with other celebrities in the same field:

Celebrity Net Worth (in millions)
Bhuvan Bam 50
Ashish Chanchlani 30
Amit Bhadana 25
CarryMinati 20
Technical Guruji 18

Controversies About Bhuvan  #Bam

Despite his immense popularity and success, Bhuvan Bam has been involved in several controversies over the years.

Here are some key points of these controversies:

Controversy Year
Accusations of plagiarism against his song “Safar” 2019
Criticism for using racial slurs in a video 2020
Backlash for making insensitive comments about Sushant Singh Rajput 2020
Allegations of making sexist and offensive remarks about women 2021

Biography of Bhuvan Bam

Early Life and Education

  • Born on January 22, 1994, in Baroda, Gujarat
  • Raised in Delhi, India
  • Completed his schooling from Green Fields School, Delhi

Career Beginnings

  • Began his career as a musician, performing at small venues in Delhi
  • Created his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, in 2015
  • Initially, only his friends and family watched his videos

Rise to Fame

  • In 2016, his video “The Chakhna Issue” went viral and brought him widespread attention
  • Started gaining more and more subscribers and views
  • Became the first Indian YouTuber to cross 10 million subscribers in 2018
  • Won the Most Popular Channel on YouTube award at the WebTVAsia Awards in 2016

Expansion of Career

  • Started releasing original music in addition to his comedy sketches
  • Debuted as an actor in the web series “The Bachelors” in 2017
  • Made his Bollywood debut in the movie “Plus Minus” in 2018
  • Hosted the first season of the singing reality show “Dil Hai Hindustani 3” in 2021

Personal Life

  • Belongs to a middle-class family
  • Lost his father at a young age
  • Has a younger sister, who has also appeared in some of his videos
  • Married to Arpita Bhattacharya, a writer and social media influencer, in 2019

Bhuvan Bam’s Girlfriend in Bullet Points:

  • Bhuvan Bam is married to Arpita Bhattacharya
  • Arpita is a writer and social media influencer
  • The couple got married in a private ceremony in 2019

Bhuvan Bam’s Age in Bullet Points:

  • Bhuvan Bam was born on January 22, 1994
  • As of 2023, he is 29 years old

Johnny Sins Talk About Bhuvan Bam in Bullet Points:

  • Johnny Sins is an American adult film actor
  • In 2021, Bhuvan Bam and Johnny Sins had a Twitter exchange, where Sins praised Bam’s work and expressed interest in collaborating with him
  • Bam responded positively to Sins’ tweet, expressing his admiration for Sins’ work as well

Bhuvan Bam’s Parents in Bullet Points:

  • Bhuvan Bam’s father passed away when he was young
  • He was raised by his mother and grandmother
  • His mother worked as a school teacher and his grandmother was a homemaker

Bhuvan Bam’s Web Series in Table Form:

Web Series Name Release Year Platform
The Bachelors 2017 YouTube
Bro Court 2017 YouTube
Titu Talks 2019 YouTube
Dheet Patangey 2020 Amazon Prime Video
Chhichhore 2021 Disney+ Hotstar

Biography in short

Now, in this article, we will discuss the life and career of Bhuvan Bam in tabular form, covering various aspects of his personal and professional life.

Early Life

Date of Birth 22 January 1994
Place of Birth Baroda, Gujarat, India
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black

Childhood and Family Background

Father Avnindra Bam
Mother Padma Bam
Siblings One Brother (Aman Bam)
Childhood Raised in Delhi, India

Wife/husband and Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Relationship Status Single
Girlfriend Not Disclosed
Wife Not Applicable

Education and Academic Achievements

Schooling Green Fields School, Delhi
Graduation Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University
Course of Study History

Career Beginnings and Early Work

Early Work Music Composer and Singer
YouTube Channel BB Ki Vines (Started in 2015)

Professional Career

Profession Comedian, Writer, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, YouTube Personality
Notable Works BB Ki Vines, Titu Talks, Dhindora
Net Worth (Estimated) $10 Million

Major Achievements and Awards

Awards 2019 Global Indian Music Award for Best Music Video Non-Film
2019 20th Asianet Film Award for Best Popular Online Media
2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award India for Favourite YouTube Creator

Personal Life and Relationships

Hobbies Singing, Playing Guitar, Writing, Acting
Interests Travelling, Adventure Sports, Photography
Philanthropy Supports various social causes, particularly education for underprivileged children

Major Events and Milestones

Year Event/Milestone
2014 Started posting videos on YouTube
2015 First video to cross 1 million views
2016 Launched his own YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines”
2018 Debuted in Bollywood with the film “Plus Minus”
2019 Won the “Global Entertainer of the Year” award at the World Bloggers Awards
2020 Crossed 20 million subscribers on YouTube
2021 Launched his music label “BB Ki Vines Music”

Honors and Recognitions

Year Award/Honor
2016 Most popular YouTube channel in India by Newslaundry
2016 4th Most Popular YouTube Channel in the world by New York Times
2018 Forbes India 30 Under 30
2019 Global Entertainer of the Year at the World Bloggers Awards
2020 Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for Best Digital Influencer
2021 YouTube Diamond Play Button for reaching 10 million subscribers

Political Career

Bhuvan Bam has not entered into any political career.

Religious or Spiritual Beliefs and Practices

Bhuvan Bam follows the Hindu religion and often posts about it on his social media accounts. However, he does not talk much about his spiritual beliefs and practices.

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies Interests
Playing guitar and singing Writing and composing music
Watching movies and TV series Travelling and exploring new places
Playing cricket and football Photography

Personal Challenges and Struggles

Challenge/Struggle Details
Financial Struggle Bhuvan Bam faced financial struggles during his initial days on YouTube and had to sell his family’s SUV to fund his equipment.
Tragic Loss He lost his father to a lung infection in 2019. He has shared how difficult it was for him to cope with the loss.
Health Issues Bhuvan Bam has faced health issues like depression and has been open about seeking help and therapy.


In this essay, we dived into Bhuvan Bam’s net worth, one of the most popular Indian YouTubers and content providers. We investigated his many sources of income, his net worth increase over the years, and even compared it to other celebrities in the industry.

So, according to this news, Bhuvan Bam’s net worth is projected to be over $15 million, and he has gained this wealth through numerous means such as YouTube, brand sponsorships, and music.

We also discussed some of the controversy and criticisms that have surrounded him, emphasising the necessity of openness and ethical practises in the field of content creation.

Overall, Bhuvan Bam’s net worth reflects his dedication and hard work.


Q: What is Bhuvan Bam’s net worth?
A: As of 2023, Bhuvan Bam’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Q: What are the major sources of Bhuvan Bam’s income?
A: Bhuvan Bam’s major sources of income include YouTube earnings, brand endorsements, music shows, and acting in web series and movies.

Q: How much money does Bhuvan Bam make from YouTube?
A: Bhuvan Bam makes a significant amount of money from his YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines” through advertisements, sponsorships, and collaborations. It is estimated that he earns around $30,000 per month from his YouTube channel alone.

Q: What is the net worth of Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines”?
A: The net worth of Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines” is estimated to be around $17 million.

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